Thursday, February 18, 2010


I really enjoyed visiting the MASC today. I had never been there before and I was not really sure what to expect, I had literally no idea what I was going to do or see there. However, once there I thought that it was so interesting. I loved looking at all the old books, it really was like looking back on history. It was so cool just to flip through the old books and look at what was the popular entertainment a long time ago. I really liked looking at Henry James's Italian Hours book. It was all about Italy and James wrote down his thoughts about the many different places in Italy where he visited. The pictures in the book were beautiful and both words and text made me want to go to Italy. I also really liked the Chatterbox book, it really reminded me of a modern day magazine. It's interesting to think about how people in the future will look back on our books and our magazines. I really enjoyed the MASC a lot; I enjoyed learning about the history of the books and I wish I could maybe figure out how I could connect my major, Public Relations, to something about the history of books and things like that. I just really enjoyed today and I hope that I can go back to the MASC in the future!!


  1. I'm glad you enjoyed it, Sarah, and the great thing about the MASC is that you can go back there any time it's open. I'll bet that some of its collections, such as the theater posters, and maybe the Western newspapers, could relate to your major or be used in a paper.

  2. I thought the MASC was really interesting too--probably the most interesting thing I've seen on campus in a long time. I've been around Pullman for quite a while and that was my first time going in there too! I hope to find another reason to return as well.

    --Michael Molder

  3. I always like going to the MASC; I have used it for a couple of my classes, and it never gets old. I love how the people who work there know and care about your topic. I think it is a special thing that we have access to these books and manuscripts. I liked the dedication to history, but also the humor associated with it.